working at xtend

Software infrastructure Engineer

Tel-Aviv · Full-time

About The Position

XTEND is developing an operating system for managing and controlling a pack of drones. 

We are looking for a talented engineer with the right attitude for problem-solving to write infrastructure components to enable our company to scale up as our product becomes more and more complex. 

Main Responsibilities 

  • Integrating new SBC platforms (Single Board Computers - such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson, and more). 
  • Integrating peripheral hardware into our product (Linux, arm64). 
  • Developing and maintaining in-house infrastructure components to support software teams. 
  • Managing development and production environments: 
  1. Docker deployments 
  2. CMake, Make, Meson, building packages 
  3. System and Linux runtime environment 


  • Talented engineer with 3-5 years of software development in C++ / Python. 
  • Deep knowledge in Linux administration, shell scripting, docker. 
  • Familiarity with ROS2 - big advantage 
  • CMake, Make, Meson and other build systems - big advantage. 
  • Ability to comprehend large systems with various components. 
  • Enthusiasm for solving system-wide problems.

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