xtend™ Griffon

drone systems

A Counter-UAS system that enables any operator with zero flight experience to kinetically intercept aerial threats using a resilient ultra-fast drone system. Serving as a human extension, the system utilizes sophisticated VR and Sensor fusion technology and allows operators to perform vision-assisted, semi-automated interceptions and to control a drone team that automatically launches when detecting aerial threats.

compatible with any detection and c2 systems

Designed as a wearable, mobile, lightweight system with a single hand, natural hand gestures-based controller, SKYLORD™ GRIFFON allows the operator to conduct an interception process via expendable, disposable physical effectors that detach upon interception impact. The SKYLORD™ GRIFFON system efficiently interfaces with both Detection and Command & Control systems to seamlessly integrate into a single Detection → Interception System.

smart hard kill, modular effectors

The GRIFFON is designed to defeat Group 1/2 COTS UAS and RCMA in ranges of up to 3 miles from the launch point. It flies up to 80mph and uses a single use effector to intercept the target drone within seconds of recognition. Configured and optimized for Multi Rotor interception, it supports a modular architecture and will also be able to eliminate fixed wing elements with a dedicated effector.

key features

Full support of 3rd party cueing and C2 system

Day and night
seamless operation

Hardened systems for maximal durabilty

Navigation in GPS/GNSS denied environments

Standby mode: drone
auto-launched from C2 command

Support of multiple interception methods

Onboard computer vision: detection, tracking, interception

Pre-plan autonomous patrol missions

Technical Specifications


Dimensions - frame size


3 blades propeller size


Weight including battery

2 lbs (1 Kg)

Visual sensor

EO and Starlight


Interception net


Max flight time

12 min

Max speed

80 mph (120 km/ h)

Max payload weight

up to 1.1 lbs (500g)

Effective kill range

3 miles


Operating frequencies

915 Mhz

Video frequencies

5.8 Ghz



Max band width

500 kbps


GCS total weight

4.4 lbs (2Kg)


Operational temp range

1 to 125 F (-10 to 50 C)

Max wind

25 knots


5 knots


Training time

1 hr > basic control
3 days > Full proficiency


Auto takeoff and landing | Hold position | Patented “mark & fly”

| Auto return to home | Waypoint missions | Fail safe

Made in the usa



RADA | REDRONE | GEOdome | Guardian | D-FEND

success story

xtend delivers counter-drone systems to u.s dod

At the forefront of developing solutions that eradicate small drones, XTEND has delivered dozens of its SKYLORD™ GRIFFON counter-drone interception systems for operational usage to the U.S. Department of Defense and to the United States Army Special Operations Command. The DoD has allocated $404 million for C-UAS research and development as well as $83 million for C-UAS procurement for the 2021 fiscal year.

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